What Am I Grateful For Today? #73

I am grateful today for:

  1. The Prosperity Tribe– amazing session with David Morelli- this is going to be awesome as well as life changing
  2. Waking up feeling full of joy and love
  3. good health and abundant energy
  4. breathing fresh air every day and feeling the suns rays warming my soul

    Sunrise over Snapper Rocks©Suzie Cheel
    Sunrise over Snapper Rocks©Suzie Cheel
  5. Skype where I can talk for free to my friends around the world
  6. Day 25 of World Gratitude Gathering Drift to Shift: As Gratitude becomes a waking pattern within YOU, so it will be with others. Just for today:Remember to practice Gratitude as you drift to sleep and Wake to Dream, flowing beyond thoughts to breathe with ease … in and out, give and receive. This silent prayer of Gratitude, as emitted by the multitudes, creates an ebb and flow ~ a gentle shifting ~ during this time of mass-transformation.Listen … do you hear it?A world waking to Love and Gratitude, drifting to shift peacefully as One.

What Are You Grateful For Today?