Tuesday Gratitude: Sunrises Raise Your Vibes

Today I am grateful for…….

Vibe RaiserSunrises…

This mornings sunrise made me think of all the things walking on the beach that I am grateful

  • The sun shining on my back
  • Opening my arms wide to the sun and feeling that warmth enter my heart and soul. This raises my vibes and starts the day in an empowering way
  • The freedom I feel as I walk in what feels like paradise
  • The warmth of the water on my feet- often warmer than the sand in winter- yes it is still winter here.
  • How special it is that I get to walk on this beach each day and so often if is deserted, amazing for a holiday spot.
  • Sitting on a rock and meditating to the sound of the sea.
  • the waves lapping on the sand
  • the patterns and textures of the rocks
  • My gift today talking time out and talking with friends and then not beating myself up for – well almost not.

What are you grateful for today?

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