Sunday Gratitude

Today I Am Grateful For….

Magpies sitting on Big Bird

  • The magic of the magpie family this morning in our backyard, a mother with 2 young and Dad sitting on my big bird sculpture. Bonus of the wonderful chorus too
  • Discovering a 21 day meditation from the Chopra Center via their facebook page
  • That we have an abundance of water and after cleaning outside yesterday I was able to enjoy a soak in a bubble salt bath- bliss
  • For skype and talking with my family today
  • Being present= in the now more often- becoming conscious of it too
  • Gift of free bananas at the Farmers Markets today plus the wonderful fresh local produce
  • Getting 3 things done from my getting clear of stuff list, clean outdoor windows, outdoors table refreshed, bag of sheets etc ready for charity
What are you grateful for today?

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