Day 14- The Gratitude Challenge

Consistency and Commitment


Day 14 of the Gratitude Challenge  Nicole says “If there was a Gold Medal for consistency and commitment, today I would give one to you!  Well done – today you will complete two entire weeks of gratitude“. This is used as a parallel it to the current Olympics where we can see so many athletes achieve their goals read more here  and be inspired

My 5 blessings for today are:

  1. I am grateful that I have a TV  because I can watch the amazing athletes at the Olympics and take inspiration from them
  2. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful fresh strawberries I will have for breakfast as I love the aroma they have and the goodness they give to my body
  3. I am very grateful today for waking up early become  I started the day with a new painting so uplifting
  4. I feel so blessed I have a garden because I am now growing kale that gives me so much goodness for my body
  5. I am so grateful that today I will be spending time walking twice as this keeps my healthy and today i will spend time with a friend

Will are you grateful for today?

Now I am off to count my blessing then head to my favorite place the beach to walk and talk – wishing you a joy filled day. Please share your blessings below or at



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