Confidence, Coffee and Coaching

Today I Am Grateful For…….

  • Having coffee online yesterday with Ellie Walsh my Law of Attraction friend and co host of Law of Attraction Carnivals. The wonder of skype 🙂
  • Realizing the confidence that I have and that I have been blocking this by feeling someone can do it better than me. this card I drew yesterday was the catylst in my awarenes of this.:)
  • Yesterday I had my first session with Dana Dunn my coach and I can see that I will get clarity, confidence through using a daily calendar/organiser. I am already in one day seeing what has been stopping me and holding me back from stepping into my power.

What are you grateful for today?



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2 responses to “Confidence, Coffee and Coaching”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Thanks for sharing what you are grateful for! What a wonderful mention of me too. I am touched, honored, and grateful to be working with such an awesome lady!

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar
      Suzie Cheel

      Thank you for reminding me I am awesome- today i feel awesome :_