Are You Grateful For You?

Day 29 The Gratitude Challenge


My heart is whispering
I love ME
I am so grateful for ME
I am a blessing to myself & the world
Today I will be gentle with ME
Today I will allow my love to shine
I listen to my heart’s whispers
And I know I am beautiful
– Suzie Cheel

Day 29 of the Gratitude Challenge: Today’s challenge about loving YOU Hence the title of the blog post. I Am Grateful For ME. The poem above was inspired by Nicole post today.

If there is one thing I have learned in this lifetime, it is this: When I love myself, when I am kind to myself and encouraging of myself, healing happens, doors open and life falls into place.

One of the singular most powerful acts you can perform that will transform your life is to have gratitude for YOURSELF. Read more here from Nicole

My 5 blessings for today are:

  1. I am grateful for email and Sandra Pawula at Always Well Within because today Sandra’s post inspired me to write my fairytale story  “Once there was a woman who was struggling to live her true passion. The universe decided she needed some help and she found herself on an unexpected healing journey. What she discovered was a beautiful journey of self love, patience and acceptance allowing her to empower herself and empower others.”
  2. I am truly grateful for today’s extra challenge of the mirror exercise because it will enable me to get more in touch with my heart’s whispers and feel that love that is me and say I Love You, You are Enough. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
  3. I am very grateful I went out with Des yesterday to meet new people because besides being treated to a yummy lunch it was great for me to meet new people and know my story inspires others
  4. I feel so grateful for the whale that I saw on my morning walk yesterday because they always give me feelings of joy and delight
  5. I am so grateful for finding my buddy for the 31 day blog challenge as this will keep me accountable and get http;// back on track. Thank you Inga

Say at least once today

I Love You, You are Enough. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Now I am off to count my blessing then to the beach – wishing you a joy filled day. Please share your blessings below or at



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2 responses to “Are You Grateful For You?”

  1. Sandra / Always Well Within Avatar


    Your paintings and writing make me light right up! I have a huge smile on my face. I am grateful for you! I’m so delighted that you were inspired to write your personal fairy tale. All my love, Sandra

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      Hi Sandra
      Your comment makes my heart sing 🙂 A friend I read my fairytale to said I must include that in my book of my journey so thanks for facilitating the opportunity
      all me love
      Suzie xx