What Am I Grateful For Today? #93

Today I am grateful  for

  1. the wonderful day I spent yesterday with my family visiting the beautiful Tweed Valley, so much  beauty.Tweed Valley
  2. The amazing art from the Art Express Students exhibition at Tweed River Art Gallery where the photo above was taken from
  3. The wonder Banana Cabana where I got fresh Kaffir Limes and lime leaves and an abundance of fresh bananas @ $.99cent a kilo ( 2.2lbs)
  4. The full moon and venus smiling at me when I looked outside last night. I love full moons
  5. The joy at taking time out to sit and chat with my sister-in-law after many years of experiencing a strained relationship.
  6. The inspiration my book emergings was for Gabby- time to take massive action

What Are You Grateful For Today?