What Am I Grateful For Today? #90

Today I am grateful  for

  1. Day 90, Woo Hoo- I have done what I said I would do and be accountable to me. This started as part of the Boundless Living Challenge where I set myself the goal of recording for 30 Days 5 things I was grateful for each day, which I then extended to 90 as I knew that this was more likely to develop an ongoing habit. Has my life changed? Yes I have so much more joy.
  2. Waking each day really looking forward to the day and feeling full of joy.
  3. The sun shining in paradise
  4. The openings that are coming are truly amazing now that I am feeling happy almost 24/7
  5. The recordings of what is coming for me this week in SMTB when I embark on transforming my business, awesome, I am so excited and so grateful to Maria Andros

What Are You Grateful For Today?





2 responses to “What Am I Grateful For Today? #90”

  1. Janette Avatar

    Ha! Suzie I love that you made it NINETY days!! I’ve just started a 30-day thing and on day 2 I’m feeling nervous about making it, LOL.

    I have been doing a gratitude thingy for ages, but it used to be just three things. Some days I struggled and would always resort to my lovely snuggly king size bed if nothing else occurred to me (I do these last thing at night!)

    After doing the Money Mojo program, I ramped it up and for the past week or so I’ve been doing 10 things I appreciate and 10 things I am worthy of, every night. Was difficult at first but now I actually look forward to it, makes me feel so good as I lie down to sleep. Woohoo, these habits are SO GOOD – and especially so at the end of a bad day (we all have ’em!)

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar
      Suzie Cheel

      Hi Janette,
      So good to see to see you visiting here and I love what you have shared. The worthy one is interesting. I am looking at starting to do this at night. as i wake in gratitude. I used to keep an abundance journal on 5 things that I was grateful for- that cam from Michael Losier when I wasn’t getting LOA on the money mojo 🙂
      I find as I live in joy and feeling good I rarely have a bad day WHOO HOO