What Am I Grateful For Today? #54

Sunset at Coolangatta Beach ©Suzie Chel
Sunset at Coolangatta Beach ©Suzie Cheel

Today I am Grateful for:

  1. the magic watching and walking at sunset. Each moment the patterns and colors change
  2. my friends
  3. the sun shining and waming the winter’s day. I treated myself to an hour of so sitting and reading in the afternoon. I now need to find the perfect spot so I can sit in the sun with my laptop and see- I just lost this post while squinting at the screen.
  4. that I am am back ontrack with my Focus Mojo, thanks to the persistance of Ann Rusnak for not letting me off the hook on my calendar assignment
  5. Day 6-World Gratitude Gathering Cup of Life:

      Life is a series of streaming koan’s.
      So, once and for all, let’s settle this one:
      Whether it be half empty or full …
      Let’s always give thanks for the CUP.
      And for the ebb and flow – the rise and fall –
      the come and go that affects us all, consider this:
      Without spilling, drinking, tipping or sipping,
      there is no room for NOW to fill you UP. C?Remember ~ the cup is YOU

      ~ Gratitude is the give and receive,
      the drink and the pour,
      a space for Love to be less IS more.
      Ahhhhh … refreshing, indeed!

      “Inside or outside yourself, you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it.”
      ~ Thaddeus Golas

One of Today’s suggested exercises is to write the words Love and Gratiude on you favorite, cup, mug or glass and….

Each time you fill it, feel your energy flowing through, re-arranging the waters to serve your highest good

I have written this on my water bottle.

What are you grateful for today?