What Am Grateful For Today #1

What are you grateful for today?

I have decided to keep an online journal here as part of the 45 day Boundless Living Challenge and record things I am grateful for as well as developing my gratitude miscle
I will add to it daily and my plan is too add at least five things a day
So check in to see if I am being true to me- one of my biggest challenges is staying on track and developing my motivational muscle

Today I am grateful for:

  1. I have reconnected with a good friend and together we are going to support one other on our become a millionaire projects
  2. I am grateful to this community and the support
  3. I am grateful for my partner Des’s love and support
  4. I am Grateful I have just been asked to write to be featured in Michael Losier’s newsletter this month- happy dance
  5. I am grateful for the beauty of the sea where I swim and walk each day

What are you grateful for today?






3 responses to “What Am Grateful For Today #1”

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  2. Sara Avatar

    Having God as my protector.
    Having adoptive parents who truly love me.
    Having three beautiful & loving children.
    Having really nice looking eyes (even though my vision is bad).
    Having the sight that I do have, visually and otherwise.

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar
      Suzie Cheel

      Hi Sara,
      Welcome and thank you for sharing ypur gratitude and I love what you have shared