Wednesday Gratitude and Gifts

What I am Grateful For Today…………..

Sunrise at Snapper Rocks

  1. The magic of the morning sunrise this morning as we walked on Rainbow Bay Beach
  2. Finding a recording by my friend Col McGunnigle on attracting your ideal client sitting in my i-tunes folder, so timely with my revamping of Suzie Cheel. It’s brilliant Col, thank you.
  3. Getting clear about what I do and who I be
  4. Learning to trust my inner wisdom
  5. Knowing that I am growing when I get upset by something and get over it quickly
  6. Learning to listen to and enjoy the silence first thing in the morning when I take time to meditate and write
  7. Don Crowther for his wonderful webinar on 4 Counter Intuitive Social Media Marketing Strategies That (Really) Work This was the KISS principle at work. Thanks to Robert Grant for running the show

What are you grateful for today?

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One response to “Wednesday Gratitude and Gifts”

  1. Des Walsh Avatar

    I’m always grateful for walks on the beach at Rainbow Bay