Wednesday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for

Sunrise at Snapper Rocks at Rainbow bay

  1. The magic of this vista as I arrived at the beach- nature provides so much to be grateful for
  2. My soulmate Des and the love we share- it makes me so happy inside and out
  3. The yummy healthy Chicken and barley soup we had for dinner last night prepared with love and so nourishing on a cold winter’s night
  4. The morning birdsong I can hear as I write this in the quiet of the morning before the sky is light
  5. The quiet that one experiences early morning when the world is still asleep
  6. My gift today is the freedom I experience each day by where I live- so special
  7. My gain today is the interview I did with Maria Gamb– A change agent, author of Healing The Corporate World. Maria was so inspiring and tells us that it is time to acknowledge the leader that is within all of us……:)

What are you grateful for today?

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2 responses to “Wednesday Gratitude”

  1. Jenny Stamos Avatar

    I am grateful for the reminder to be grateful–and grateful that I still have hope that someday I can have a little piece of the life described above.

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for dropping by and yes do keep being grateful- Please keep visiting and share your gratitude. I would love to help you get more than a little piece of the live I live- it is possibble