Inspired Gratitude Love

Beach View

The view from my beach gym at Rainbow Bay © Suzie Cheel

My friend Sandhan has  set up a group on Facebook called Inspired Gratitude Love and it has been the call to action that I needed to get this blog back on track.
I am inspired every day to be grateful

  • when I walk on the beach, just feeling the sand between my toes
  • for the sun smiling at me
  • the colors in the sky
  • the patterns the clouds make
  • and how blessed I am to be able to run and walk, to stretch and bend and have this picture perfect view.

What are you grateful for today?






6 responses to “Inspired Gratitude Love”

  1. Sandhan Avatar

    Thanks so much for the mention Suzie… great project you’ve started here… the world can never have enough Gratitude Vibrations!
    Keep ’em flowing…

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      My pleasure, thanks for alerting me tot the FB group as i have been writing on my to do list to start this again on a regular basis- just finding time is my challenge- is i would lust write 5 things and forget bout tags etc would be simpler- note to self- stop trying to be perfect, just do 🙂 Love Gratitude vibrations

      1. Sandhan Avatar

        Note to self…. Just BE LOL!

  2. Sandhan Avatar

    PS Forgot to add that I am only a member of that group on Facebook although I have ben putting some energy into it to get it mobilised…

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      and a wonderful energy you are injecting too:)

      1. Sandhan Avatar

        many thanks xxx