Gratitude to Mother Nature

What I Am Grateful For Today………

This morning on our beach walk I felt my heart so full of gratitude for the beauty of nature……

Sunrise at Snapper

  • there was the amazing colors of the sunrise over Snapper Rocks as we arrived at the
  • the reflection of the sun on the water
  • the sun warming our bodies as it rose higher in the sky
  • the warm sea water, contrasting to the the very cool sand on my bare feet
  • the changing hues of the dawn sky
  • the patterns the clouds make, like the hole in the sky in the horizon picture
  • the clean clear sand where I could write some sand words for my beach inspirations
  • the clean fresh air to breath
  • the lapping of the waves providing a meditative mood, so much to be grateful for, so many blessings.


What are you grateful for today?

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2 responses to “Gratitude to Mother Nature”

  1. Annette Avatar

    I am grateful to have seen the Tweet that brought me here to read your Gratitudes and see your beautiful smile.
    I am grateful to see the photos that you took the time to shoot.
    I am grateful that I have a situation that is propelling me more and more towards my own Greatness every day.
    I am grateful that I am sheltered from the Arizona heat as I journey to my greatness – I am taken care of.
    I am grateful that my motivation is being directed more and more towards that which I Desire, instead of being motivated by pain.
    I am grateful that the hummingbirds are there every day for me as I take this amazing journey.
    I am grateful that each day brings a new opportunity to grow and learn and give.
    I am grateful that I am open to seeing these opportunities.
    I am grateful for the mirror of my thoughts in my current situation.
    I am grateful for the opportunity you just gave me to be grateful!!!

  2. Suzie Cheel Avatar

    Hi Annette,
    Thanks for dropping by I love you list, you inspire me today to. I am grateful for our friendship