Gratitude on Tuesday

What I am Grateful For Today………….

Tuesday Sunrise

  1. Again the magic of the sunrise warm my soul and I feel so blessed for where I live
  2. The refreshing feel of the cool sea water as I decided to swim today
  3. The wonderful awakening I had this morning about consolidating all my blogs under There is an oh boy feeling of what didn’y i do this when I started then I think of all that I have learned and see this as a gift and a huge gain and has given me clarity.
  4. Today’s exercise from Uplevel Your Life where I have to just sit in stillness/boredom and do nothing- a tough call for me and I was pleasantly surprised that fresh ideas flowed when I was able to let go of the doing.
  5. My mastermind group this morning, very empowering
  6. Checking 3 things off my repair lists that will allow the energy to flow

What are you grateful for today?

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