Gratitude, Gifts and Gains

Today I am grateful for

  1. The wonderful weekend where I took time out to get clarity and have fun, cook, read and sit in the sun
  2. AppleCare and the help they gave me in reformatting my Macbook- now to keep the system clean and clutter free. Like starting with a new computer.
  3. Walking in the sun
  4. Seeing a pelican swimming on the river this morning
  5. Realizing that I am growing and making the shifts to uplevel my life
  6. My gift was having a skype call with the amazing Left thumb blogger, Glenda Watson Hyatt– always so inspiring and a reminder that of how blessed I am – also the reminder to check if my sites are accessible- download Glenda’s ebook to find out- I have some work to do
  7. My gain- starting the week with a schedule and clear intentions for the week.

Beach Inspiration: Intention
Beach Inspiration: Intention © Suzie Cheel

What are you grateful for today?

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4 responses to “Gratitude, Gifts and Gains”

  1. Michele Scism Avatar

    Hey Suzie – I am grateful to be able to call a lot of really great people, like you, my friend! I have met some truly awesome people from around the world on my journey lately – Thanks, Michele

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      Hi Michele,
      Thanks for dropping by and like you I am grateful to have met you along with all the other amazing bloggers, now i am heading to read you last blog post. Thanks for setting this up

  2. Michelle Avatar

    It’s such a good exercise to write out the things we’re grateful for. I’m grateful today for my family & friends who are always there to support me. 🙂

    1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for dropping by, yes it is a great exercise and something I do in some way each day. Might be as I wake up or walking on the beach. See you have another challenge starting tomorrow- truly awedsome:)