Gratitude For A Sense Of Place.

Day 21 The Gratitude Challenge


Day 21 of the Gratitude Challenge: Today’s special gratitude exercise is to connect to your special place.

My 5 blessings for today are:

  1. I am grateful for my special place the beach because it remnds me of holidays and now i live near where we holidayed as a child I often feel I am on holidays daily
  2. I am truly grateful for the special place I went to yesterday to mediate and write. i took the photo above while i was sitting there. This gives me feelings of magic and abundance-
  3. I am very grateful fresh silver beet that I bought at the market because it made the best raw soup for lunch yesterday.
  4. I feel so grateful for my new phone because it’s great camera allows me to capture wonderful scenes and memories
  5. I am grateful to my friend Amy who called in yesterday and besides having the pleasure of talking with her Amy gave me this special opal – It’s called a pink opal and something I have never seen before and I felt special and abundant.I also discovered it is a heart chakra stone!


Today’s extra gratitude exercise: Nicole suggests

Think of a place that you are grateful for.  It could be something that speaks to you of majesty or freedom, it could be a place where you feel relaxed or safe, it could be a place where your creativity always flows…

Ponder for a moment what makes this particular place special to you.

Then ask yourself, how can I bring some of that magic into my day today?

Find a small way to connect into that energy. Celebrate and give thanks for that blessing of environment, and its gifts for you. Read more here 

Where is your special place? What memories does it hold for you?

Now I am off to count my blessing head to my special place – wishing you a joy filled day. Please share your blessings below or at



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