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Gratitude Allows Us To Be Connected

Day 30 The Gratitude Challenge

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Each of us is Blessed with a way to tap into that interconnectedness of all things.  It’s called intuition Nicole Cody

Day 30 of the Gratitude Challenge: It the last day of the challenge. It has been such a wonderful journey and  Nicole says:

There is a natural flow and inter-connectedness within the Universe, and we are part of that energy too. No matter how ordinary and mundane we may feel from day to day, the truth is that we are incredible BEings – we are Souls having a physical experience here in this lifetime. Read more here

My 5 blessings for today are:

  1. I am grateful for my daily meditation because it made allows me to get in touch with my heart’s whispers which so often surprise me.
  2. I am truly grateful for Nicole Cody and this wonderful challenge because Nicole has allowed us to stretch this daily practice into what is for me a daily joy and it has opened my heart wide so I am full of gratitude
  3. I am very grateful for the magic of the pelican we saw on our morning walk because they always make me feel special and happy
  4. I feel so grateful for skype because yesterday I talked with a friend in Vegas and then a new friend in London all for free such abundance
  5. I am so grateful for my ipod because it is like a trusty friend when I wake up early in the morning as it has my special guided meditations on it.

I feel so blessed What are you grateful for today?

Now I am off to count my blessing then to the beach – wishing you a joy filled day. Please share your blessings below or at Namaste


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