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7 Day  miniBlog ChallengeI have decided to give this blog some love inspired by Vishen Lakhiani – co-founder of Mind Valley & Finer Minds who spoke last week on the Passion Marathon about each day he writes down 5 things he is personally grateful  and 5 things he is grateful for about his business. I have decided it istime to give this blog a gift and get back to recording here daily each day

Thanks to Dr Jeanette Cates who is currently running the 30 Day Blog challenge which started my new Suzie Cheel site she announced today a 7 Day Mini blog challenge . that seemed like a good way to get back into a daily habit.

So today I am grateful for: Personal

  1. The sun shining
  2. The yummy healthy breakfast I had this morning
  3. Having a comfy bed to sleep in
  4. The birds singing in the garden
  5. the love I share with my partner Des


  1. The internet that allows me to work from anywhere
  2. Skype so I can talk with people for free around the world
  3. The new business I am building at
  4. The guiding hand of Stephany Crowley as I reinvent myself
  5. WordPress the wonderful free platform that I use on all my sites

What are you grateful for today?






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