First Heal Your Heart!

Day 25 The Gratitude Challenge


“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”  ~ Carl Townsend
Day 25  of the Gratitude Challenge:  Today’s challenge is dear to my heart as Nicole says:
This 30 Day Gratitude Challenge is actually a healing journey.  By practicing daily gratitude we begin to erase old beliefs about lack and limitation, we over-write negative thought patterns and we learn to focus on what is good and positive in the world around us.  This aligns us with energies that bring greater good into our lives.Something magical starts to happen when we focus on gratitude. Read more here

My 5 blessings for today are:

  1. I am grateful to that I have woken up with no back pain because this means my healing is deepening
  2. I am truly grateful for my health challenges as they have allowed me to open more deeply into love
  3. I am very grateful for the TM meditation session yesterday because it allowed me to realize that this is a practice that will deepen my opening into spirit and love and help my healing.
  4. I feel so grateful for my creativity that allows me to explore my opening heart in new ways
  5. I am so grateful for the magical sunset I experienced yesterday driving home because it filled me with joy

What will uplift you today?

Now I am off to count my blessing then to the beach – wishing you a joy filled day. Please share your blessings below or at



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