Day 109: What Am I Grateful for Today?

Today I am grateful for:

  • this amazing sunrise sky I saw as I was sitting at my computer early this morning, truly abundant. Don’t you love the free gifts nature gives us?
  • my friend Julie Hart who I meet with each month supporting one another on our journey to becoming Millionaires. I love having someone to mastermind with.
  • the amazing partner I have in Des, so supportive, so wise and so much love
  • skype as yesterday I was able to spend an hour talking with my friend Annette -who lives in Phoenix Arizona. It was like sitting having coffee and was free. Annette is great at fixing you telclass recordings too as shw did for me recently.
  • The joy I felt getting 2 new tops yesterday as a bonus when we were shopping for a slow cooker. We got one of those too for a 45% discount Life is so bountiful.



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