Monday Gratitude

What I am Grateful For Today………….

Monday Sunrise

  1. The magic of the sunrise this morning, it was so special to watch it rise from the sea and through the clouds. The changing hues of the sky is always a joy at dawn.
  2. For the time I spend each week with my friend Karen Brooks on skype, a great way to start the week and share our goals and visions.
  3. To starting on my health and fitness plan – have done 5 Tibetans, walked almost 10,000 steps, drunk 2 litres of water and still awake at 11.58pm
  4. my wonderful online blogging buddies, I love seeing your faces in my twitter stream
  5. the realization that I am not being effective when I spread myself to thin, now to work out what to happily release.

What are you grateful for today?

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