100 Days of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Me, that I have recorded what I am grateful for today for 100 day, celebration time:). I will be putting an audio up later today or tomorrow on The Power of Gratitude.
  2. The abundance we are attracting- yesterday we went looking for a new coffee table and got a great table- one you would normally bring home in a box and spend an hour working out how to put it together. It was the last one in the shop- so we got $10 off the marked price and it came assembled and fitted in the car too:)
  3. All these goodies we received from Nuffnang just to say thank you for telling other people about them
  4. The wonderful Prosperity Tribe Call today and the words of wisdom from @kristinmorelli
  5. feeling so happy and joyful, it makes my heart sing

What Are You Grateful For Today?



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